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Here are those Hawaii Five-0 icons I promised. Such pretty, pretty colors on this show!

As always, all icons are free to use. Please comment and credit.

Chin smiles!
aneurysm face
short angry Jersey boyKono = UNF
He'll LEARN to love
me pineapple.
So damn GQSometimes Steve's
deliberately a jackass

**Before and after time! This was such a darling moment in the show, but holy crap the original lighting was impossible. Dammit, Daniel Dae Kim, face the light! It just wants to luuuuve you! In additional to the usual sharpening, this scene needed a lot of coaxing in the lighting department to bring Chin out of the shadows. Then I had to tone down the reds and yellows a bit because that original coloring was

I got my hands on scans of The Umbrella Academy! I own both trade books and adore this comic to death. Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba are fantastic storytellers! I've got dozens of images picked out to iconize, but here's a teaser from the second trade book, Dallas. These three feature the villains Hazel and Cha-Cha and future villain John Perseus.

Oh hey. Check this out.

John Perseus works on
his costume

Hazel and Cha-Cha
visit Nazi Germany

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I know I said I was working on Hawaii Five-0 this week, but my folder of The Losers comic screencaps to iconize was too tempting to ignore. Six more icons in one sitting! Still based off the comics, still NO spoilers.

If you've seen the movie, you know that the end credits use lots of awesome stills from the comics. And what they do so brilliantly is play with the focus within each image, wavering back and forth between the gun and the face behind it, giving it a sense of movement. While I didn't create any animated gifs, I did play with strategic sharpening to create the illusion of depth of field, drawing attention either to the barrel of a gun** or a face. What do you think? It works, right?

Oh, and I started playing with text icons for this fandom, too. Text icons are so hard for me. I think I need to take a graphics design course or something because point sizes, fonts, and unobtrusive backgrounds could not inspire me LESS.

Foxtrot Unicorn
Clay gets the best lines
Fuck yeah, Cougar
Fahd is ready like
the Hammer of God
Don't think Roque won't
pull the trigger
Peace is for pussies

**Let's try another side-by-side comparison. On the left we see that the barrel of the gun just slightly overlaps another panel. I played this up with the extra-wide border to give the gun the illusion of breaking the 4th wall. I left Roque's face slightly out of focus and used a gradient on the sharpened layer to bring the end of the gun into intense focus and fade out the sharpness down the barrel. A touch of dark gradient in the bottom right helps direct attention away from the extra clutter in the shot (his coat) and toward the gun.

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So the race is on. Damn this active-fandom business! Maybe it's just my anxiety issues talking, but if I'm to participate in a real-time fandom, I'm feeling pressure to not iconize the same moment as anyone else--which means I have to be first. Otherwise, I'd just be retreading old ground.

I thought I was ready for this, but then I got to go see Jonsi in concert last night. And tonight I got home late from work (and caught the only-available bus, which made me even later) only to discover I didn't have my house keys and my roommate was at class. But I had car keys! This naturally led to french toast for dinner at the local diner until she got home. Followed by baking and red wine and downloading the episode I'd missed.

In the end, I really only had time to make one before 1am. It's a GREAT moment in the show, and I'm determined to at least keep up with everyone else who is iconizing that exact same moment. (Also, I photoshopped the hell out of it and I think I really improved the focus and lighting.**)

Please. Take. I'm making more!

smirk of corruption

Handily the episode featured LOTS of scenes of the main characters all shined up in formal wear. Nrgh! More icons forthcoming this week (because finally I have time off work!).

**Oooh! I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Let's look at the before and after side by side, shall we? ...Yeah, that's what I thought. Blurry and dark and did I mention blurry? Yeesh.

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Another day, another new fandom! Last month I started watching Hawaii Five-0, which is cracky fun. They're a governor-established task force with carte blanche to violate ALL your civil rights in the pursuit of car chases and ridiculous action sequences! YEAH! I've been lured in by the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery and the delightful bickering. Scotty Caan plays a little ball of rage and proper procedure from New Jersey! JERSEY!!! WOOOO!!!

But I've noticed a depressing lack of Photoshop in the icons of this fledgling fandom, so for once I'm going to throw my hat in the ring with (gasp!) screenshots for an active fandom. Yikes, the pressure! There's a reason I've focused on mainly non-fandom icons.

With screencaps of a live-action show, I'm finding that the best tactic seems to be to hyper-sharpen the character(s) in the foreground, blur/dim/desaturate the background slightly, and add some kind of light/texture effect or text to give it that polished look.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

Oh wait,

Evidence is
suuuper sexxy

Kono by the seaOne guess who's on
the phone with Danny

Meanwhile, I finally finished reading The Losers comics, and there was much screencapping. I love ALL their little faces. SO. HARD. Boys! Aisha! Stegler! And WTF is up with that LOLtastic backstory for Max? And so with a cry of "Nukes for New Jerusalem!" here are seven new icons.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

My name is MAX

Security Solutions
by Clay

You wanna be a good guy,
go hug a tree
Roque has to run
some errands
Who's the Big Dog?
Clay's the Big Dog
Sometimes Clay's plans
are very simple
One of those questions
you never wanna hear...

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I've fallen head over heels into The Losers fandom. Mixed media fandoms are SO my downfall. The movie was pretty, shallow fun, but some of the fics it inspired are complex and amazing (see [personal profile] storm_petrel's fics). I'm working my way through the comics now (up to issue 19 of 32), and [info]entwinedangels's pre-comics series Stories from the Same Routine has broken my brain with awesomeness. So welcome to my new fandom; here's my first batch of icons for it (based off scans of issues 1-19).

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

Clay's done negotiating

(w/ Pooch and Cougar)

Jensen - BANG
Aisha will
fuck your shit UP
Cougar - BangWhat if Stegler wasn't
such a stand-up guy?
When the going gets tough
the tough go off-mission
Roque's sick of these
"personal grudge" accusations

And lastly, [info]samanthahirr asked for an icon for her Kradam Kiss story. She specifically wanted friends and a misunderstanding. As always, specifically commissioned icons are NOT for general use. If you want to use it, you'll have to ask [info]samanthahirr.

got me wrong
for [info]samanthahirr

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I've made the transition to dreamwidth--prompted in no small part by the migration of [personal profile] samanthahirr (for whom I beta), the need to stalk [personal profile] astolat's comment fic, and my adoration for [personal profile] storm_petrel's fics.

In honor of which, I offered to make [personal profile] storm_petrel some icons. She requested a seedling with the words "Plant Nerd." And thus I was able to deliver two new icons!

Alas, these icons are not for universal sharing. No icons for the rest of you this time! Instead, why don't you page through the previous 24 entries and find yourself something pretty. And if you don't see anything you like, shoot me a request! I'm always happy to give custom work a try!

for [personal profile] storm_petrel
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4 more icons!

The first three started out as black-and-white images. I don't know why I decided to do that to myself--maybe I just wanted the challenge. I colorized each to a different degree using a different technique.

The fourth image is from the (fairly lackluster) Inception prequel
comic. But Arthur still kicks ass, even in two-dimensions. That suit looks gooood!

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

empty as a pocket with
nothing to lose
from the Inception comic
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6 new icons in one evening. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the newly repaired air conditioning and play with Photoshop, you know?

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

I'm a love letter awayI feel safer alreadyglosoli
heh, 'firm'This is going down on
your permanent record
no, not sketchy at all,
no siree
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5 more icons!

Am dealing with great frustration; my usual method of viewing all of my icons at once (by pasting them in a Word file) is suddenly not working. I keep getting an error that the document's memory can't handle the addition. This is bizarre and patently false. Grrrr.

I'm also experimenting with adding some kind of context to icons when I post them, as I've realized that many of my icons are vague/abstruse. So here we have the inspiring quote or some reference to (how I'm interpreting) the subject matter of each icon.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

66They're all spiesBaby, you sure
are tough

Smile for the
You could not keep
your pretty hands
off me

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Another 5 new icons! Hell yeah, I'm on a roll lately! Most of these started with textual inspiration and an image search (thank you, Google and Flickr), as opposed to browsing through my gigantic folder of saved model images. I quite like the variety here!

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

for [info]samanthahirr timebombI think I'm like Tennessee Williams
classic ads = creepy
cut the line and count to three...
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Five new icons tonight. I played with textures and brushes, resulting in some of my best work yet!

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

the drinks are downed with expensive rapidity
yes[ profile] samanthahirr asked for "sexy food"
mmm, necks
70s pr0n0!
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Three new icons, hot off the Photoshop! Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.

maybe I'll meet you
on the run

with a flick of the wrist
and a turn of the key
you just fall in my arms

broken up
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Caught up at last! My infatuation with the images on Homotography shows no sign of waning. These 6 icons, made in the last two weeks, are my best yet. I've been trying to put extra thought into these image manipulations, really pushing myself to do more than my usual 3-step "crop, contrast, and text." Lately I've really focused on lighting and texture. Enjoy!

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
hockeywhere we overlap
purposeless splendor
written all over you
mirror mirror
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Nearly caught up, this batch was created one month ago. I had just discovered Homotography, a wonderful blog of models and fashion shoots. With thousands of gorgeous images to choose from, how could I not be inspired? These 15 icons are made from images from Homotography.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
Little bit of mmhm
little bit of yeah

the man
kenboys with blindfolds
holding hands
one-hit wonder
poshthe right shoes to make
it through the night

so I can see your
taisezwe used to be friends
men with faithful hands
my father's son

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Still catching up, this batch marked a return to icon-making about 6 months ago. I had to reteach myself all the techniques I'd forgotten I knew, resulting in an extremely mixed bag. These 6 icons are made from images of celebrities and models. The really surprising aspect is that only one features text--whether in the image or in my inspiration for the image manipulation.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
watch the whole thing

refractedlucy liu
handsome furs

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All of the previously posted icons were at least 2 years old! Good heavens I fell behind. Catching up now, this batch was made about 1 year ago. These 11 icons are made from all sorts of media (posters, glamour shots, screen shots, etc.).

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
run away!
would you keep your
mouth shut if you were
Nora Prentiss?

"So you wouldn't want an
angel watching over?"
(dresden files)

AARDewar's scotchSano vs. Saitoravished
for [info]royalgeekg
akuedna mode
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These 11 icons are made from still images of members of Cobra Starship and Fall Out Boy.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
lookin' suave, suarez
unlike gabe saporta
can i change your

i'll have some pie
good eye, sniper
another high-
maintenance complaint

patience wearing thin
i had a feeling it
was my day for
one of those nights
rattlesnake charm
on the dance floor

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These 11 icons are made from still images of members of My Chemical Romance and The Used.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
"all star-bright
and tongue-tied"

tiredi'm not okay
bert, how so pretty?
"how to build a
better enemy"

"you're almost gone,
you're good-as-gone"

pansyrockin' it, frank!
"the fiercest calm
i've been in"

"you are the wrecking
force in me"

just a touch of

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These 15 icons are made from still images of miscellaneous musicians.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
msi lurking
let's be bad guys
"come down slow
and easy.
i know you'll rise...."
someone call the
ambulance. there's gonna
be an 'accident.'
(handsome furs)

(handsome furs - alexei)

yukihiroi will be waiting with
a knife--just like
an angry child

baby, your bet is

rock looks like this
they'd only caught
the muscle, 'cause the
brains were still at large 
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These 13 icons are text icons, images of dancers, and a few miscellaneous graphical images.

Feel free to take any of these icons. Please comment and credit.
failure to pack
i chased that woman
across the desert

kim chan
i'd rather you be deadwish you were here
francis cabrel
romka at play
vintage sip
he stole our hearts away


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